I Am Hurdler

I used to shy away from the idea that I am Hurdler Studios and vice versa. I believe very strongly in team, but I have always migrated to the individual sports. I have rebranded Hurdler to highlight this reflection of self rather than hide from it.

I've switched to the first person here because I want you to hear directly from me what you will be getting from Hurdler. I've learned over the years how to succeed. I may not have always crossed the finish line in first place, but I know how to get the best out of myself and those I work with.

I have worked with, competed against, and learned from the best in the world. I have the awards and hardware to prove it. But I am constantly seeking the next thing that I can push myself with.

The Post-COVID19 world requires new thinking and I bring that to the table. I can build a team today that will get your product developed and into customers' hands as quickly as possible. I will bring together a global team and we will work remotely to do so.

Call me and let's chat. If I'm not a fit for you, I know people who will be.


Jon Winebrenner