Will You Run!

It isn't a question.

It is our ethos.

This idea was brought to the track by legendary Illinois High School Coach Jim "Arnie" Arnold.

It was a bark that every athlete on his team feared. It would ring out over the PA system, his bullhorn, or simply ring through the rafters with his voice that pierced your soul.

It meant you were slowing down. As an athlete, it hit as a criticism of your finish, or work ethic on the surface. Deep down you knew it was because you could do better. Even worse, he knew you could do better and his holler of Will You Run! challenged you to push through the pain and pull out that last little bit hiding inside you.

He knew that no matter what place you crossed the finish line in, you put your full effort you had in you that day. He gave you permission to forgive yourself a lifetime later for not necessarily being the best.

Rather, he helped you be your best.

Welcome to Hurdler Studios. We are here to Arnie's legacy and help you to be your best.