Let's Go!

Welcome to Hurdler Studios. We are Vancouver designers working with inspirational brands, start-ups, and individuals to craft the next magical product experience.

We revel in our unique perspective of the world and seek to work with people who want to pour their persoanlity into every nook and cranny.

Do you see yourself as creative? Quirky? Nerdy? Irreverent? Maybe a bit introverted until you find your band? But once you do, you know you're going to make some of the most booty shaking music around?

Yeah, we get you. We're the same.

Our Focus


We aspire to extract your brilliance and make it shine.

We are smaller by choice, focused with intention, and globally-minded. We limit our project intake so we can give you our all. This allows us to instill our passion directly into every creative endeavor and make you shine.

We are always looking for our next partner who is seeking to bring their next idea to reality.

Experienced Design Leadership

Jon Winebrenner graduated with a degree in industrial design from Purdue University and has brought products to life for 25+ years. Well-versed in multi-disciplinary product development he has worked on projects large (Budgets >$25M) and small (bootstrapping from his own living room). There is a shelf of awards behind his desk and a wealth of wins and losses under his belt. Most of all, he seeks to teach and guide as much as possible during every project.